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Developer Plans Apartments, 16-Story Garage in West Loop

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Another day, another new apartment development is announced. The Sun-Times reports that Michigan-based Ojibway Development is planning to add a seventh floor to the former Allis-Chalmers factory building at 113 N. Green St. in the West Loop, and convert it into 112 apartments. That part of the plan seems fine and good -- it's the parking structure planned for the adjacent lot at 124 N. Halsted that's noteworthy. Similar to the fully-automated Green Park Eco Garage that broke ground this winter in Bucktown, Ojibway intends to build another tall robo-garage that would pack 290 vehicles into 16 levels (but because the floors are shorter than typical residential or commercial buildings, the developer says it would be 8-10 stories tall). Jonathan Splitt, the same architect who designed the Bucktown garage, will design the structure. Like the Bucktown garage, the developer and architect are touting the parking structure as 'green'. The developer hasn't sought a zoning application yet.
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