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Plan Commission Backs Webster Square Again; Alderman Waffles

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The Navy Pier Flyover wasn't the only project that the Chicago Plan Commission gave a big thumbs-up to yesterday; Sandz Development also got approval for their revised Webster Square plans. In an effort to appease Alderman Vi Daley, the development team presented their plans to the Plan Commission for a second time, and again the development was unanimously approved. That still might not be enough to sway the alderman, however. As David Roeder put it, Daley adopted "a contorted political position" by supporting it at the planning hearing and describing the revised plan is a "step in the right direction," while refusing to say whether she'll recommend it when it's up for vote by the City Council. Daley plans to meet with neighbors who oppose the development today to take their blood pressure, but given the controversy that has surrounded this development from the beginning, it'll never be embraced by everyone in the community. A Zoning Committee hearing on Webster Square is scheduled for next Thursday.
· Ald. Daley won’t commit on Lincoln Park hospital plan [Sun-Times]

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