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Put On Your Night Vision Goggles, 'Cause It's Dark in There!

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In this week's Bad Real Estate Photos feature, we bring you a recently-rehabbed 2BD, 1BA just west of Southport in Lake View. It might be a truly spectacular place, but we have no way of telling because the photos are so dark and grainy. And for some reason, there appears to be a huge black spot on the wall near the door. Mysterious! Eric Rojas passed the listing on to us, noting that the list price of $305,000 seems rather high. We can't really say whether it's a good value or not — mainly because we can't see the place. The listing touts "tree top views," and parking isn't included (although there is "rental parking available, street parking available").
UPDATE: As an anonymous commenter notes, new photos have been added to the listing. Follow the link below to view them.
· Listing: 3504 North Greenview Street #3 [Coldwell Banker]