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The Berkus Circus: Five Chicago Condos Designed by Nate Berkus

Want to own a condo that was designed by a famous guy? Sometime before Nate Berkus got a TV deal and went totally berserkus he was just a regular dude who instructed rich people in Chicago on how to decorate their homes. Today, we're taking a visit to the Berkus circus, spotlighting five Chicago condos designed by Berkus (including his own Gold Coast condo) that are currently on the market. So turn away from those daytime talk shows for a moment, and take a browse through Berkusland.

5. The Condo: 400 W. Deming Pl. Unit 4K [Coldwell Banker]
The Price: $365,000
The Skinny: The listing calls it a "diamond in the rough," but as Joe Askins pointed out a couple months ago, Lincoln Park hardly qualifies as "the rough." The previous owner paid $325,000 for the 2BD, 1 BA, which has been on the market for a year and a half.

4. The Condo: 632 W. Wrightwood Ave. Unit 5W [Prudential Rubloff]
The Price: $550,000
The Skinny: This Lincoln Park 2BD, 2BA is located on the top floor of a newer (1997) building, and its best features have nothing to do with Berkus: vaulted ceilings and large, curved windows in the living room. Block letters above the kitchen cabinets spell the word "INDULGE." We're assuming that's Nate's handiwork.

3. The Condo: 73 E. Elm St. Unit 6B [Jameson]
The Price: $625,000
The Skinny: The listing describes Berkus' inspiration as "old Hollywood style," and in some ways that's accurate, because most of the 2BD, 1BA condo is in black-and-white. The 1,700-square-foot Gold Coast condo has been on the market since last June.

2. The Condo: 20 E. Cedar St. Unit 19C [Prudential Rubloff]
The Price: $1,295,000
The Skinny: More muted colors and block letters (this time they spell "CAFE") in this 19th-floor Gold Coast penthouse. The 2,700-square-foot "entertainment oasis" has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and the rear entrance opens out to a massive roof deck.

1. The Condo: 1325 N. Astor St. #8 [Coldwell Banker]
The Price: $2,650,000
The Skinny: Last but not least, Nate Berkus' own Gold Coast condo. He bought the place for $1.5 million back in 2003, and he's asking more than $1M more than that. Call it the Berkus Tax. When he first viewed it, Berkus told Elle Decor, "It was one of those times when you realize, 'This is where I belong.'" Not anymore!