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10,000-Square-Foot Lake Forest Mansion Goes Under Contract

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Normally, Lake Forest is a little bit outside of Curbed's domain, but we'll make an exception for this place, because, well, there aren't many homes quite like it in the Chicago area. A tipster notified us yesterday that this 10,500-square-foot mansion recently went under contract (although it doesn't appear to have closed yet). The Liederbach and Graham Architects-designed home was built in 2001, "yet feels as though it has always been there," says the listing. The living room has a cathedral ceiling that actually looks like a cathedral. The 5BD, 7BA home sits on a 3.8-acre lot with an apple orchard in the front yard. It was listed at $7.49 million over the summer and was reduced to $6.9 million in November. If that price holds, it'll be the most expensive sale in the Chicago area that we know if in 2011. Property taxes were $55,830 in 2009, according to the listing.

· Listing: 111 E. Onwentsia Rd., Lake Forest [Coldwell Banker]
· Photos: Liederbach and Graham Architects [Liederbach and Graham]

111 E. Onwentsia Rd., Lake Forest, IL