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PHOTOS: Five New Furnished Models in Trump Tower

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If you've never been inside Trump Tower, take a minute to click through the gallery above to see what you've been missing. In an effort to jump-start sales at the 92-story tower, Trump hired the design firm Mary Cook & Associates to stage five new furnished models, which were unveiled a couple weeks ago. The reception, scheduled for the evening of Feb. 2, was interrupted by a little snowstorm, and the event was called off. Fortunately, photographer Robert W. Schimer was able to make it there (presumably before the storm hit), and Trump's PR folks sent us a selection of his photos to share. Units B, C, F and H are on the 34th floor Unit G is on the 33rd floor. We're told that none of the models are for sale, but starting prices for units in the same tier are as follows:
· Unit B (580-square-foot studio): $463,000
· Unit F (713-square-foot studio): $450,000
· Unit G (1,314-square-foot 1BD, 1.5BA): $640,000
· Unit C (1,562-square-foot 2BD, 2.5BA): $820,000
· Unit H (2,742-square-foot 2BD, 3BA): $1,685,000
The photos are quite nice, but the one thing they don't showcase is the view, which is Trump Tower's greatest asset.
· Official website: Trump International Hotel and Tower [Trump Tower]