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Six-Flat-Turned-Mansion Hits the Market in North Center

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A couple months ago, @properties agent Robert Darrow noticed that a six-flat was getting a rather extreme makeover and being converted into a mansion on a quiet block in North Center. Yesterday, the newly-minted single-family hit the market for $2,995,000, making it the second most expensive home on the market in that neighborhood (right ahead of architect Brad Lynch's home, which is located right around the corner). When we wrote about this place in December, we found a building permit that called for $450,000 in upgrades to the property, but a commenter quickly shot that down, asserting that there was "way more the 450k of work being done!" and that it "looks to be high quality work too." Both statements appear to be true. The 8,000-square-foot home is full of custom millwork, wainscoting, and high-end finishes. A curved staircase with a circular skylight was added, along with an elevator, and with 4 bedrooms, 9 full baths and 3 half baths, it has one of the highest bed-to-toilet ratios we've seen. The master bathroom even has a urinal -- a rather uncommon feature in a spec home (or any home, for that matter).
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