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Through the Looking-Glass at Restaurateur Jerry Kleiner's House

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Jerry Kleiner's restaurants (Carnivale, Gioco, Park 52, among others) have always had a eclectic, colorful style, and his West Town home is no different. The restaurateur's surrealist Ohio Street home drips with color and is filled with eccentric furnishings. "The photos don't do it justice," says listing agent Karen Peterson. The home was an industrial garage in a previous life, which Kleiner converted into a 9,400-square-foot palace. "The beauty of the story is here's a garage ... and here's what you can do with a garage," Kleiner told Time Out Chicago a couple years ago. "There was beauty in it when somebody built this place. I wanted to take and build from that because there's character in it." Kleiner tested the market back in 2004, before giving the home a makeover (see previous photos here), listing it at $3.25 million, but it never sold. Now, it's back on the market for $2.9 million.

At the center of the home is a dramatic 12-seat dining table that sits under a large skylight. A wall of windows look out on a large side yard, which Peterson says the photographer wasn't able to access because of snow blocking the gate. Why is Kleiner selling now? Peterson couldn't say for sure, but we'll be interested to see what his next project will be. Want to get a closer look? Give Peterson a ring at 312-504-1358.
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