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From Mansion to Six-Flat, and Back to Single-Family in Kenwood

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We looked at one six-flat-turned mansion earlier this morning; now let's take a look inside a mansion-turned-six-flat-turned-mansion in Kenwood. This 8,500-square foot Kenwood home has been on our radar for a while (it's been on the market since 2009), but we didn't know much about the back-story. Chicago mag's Dennis Rodkin visited the place and posted a video of his walkthrough with the owner yesterday. When Doctor Srinivas Reddy bought the 1893 greystone in 2002, it had been converted to a six-flat and was in rough shape. So he converted it back to a single-family, installed outlets on just about every square inch of wall space, and added some bizarre touches, like a floor-to-ceiling stainless-steel fireplace, a glass hood fan that looks like a laser, and a bathtub that fills from the ceiling. "It was a lot of work, but I was meticulous because this was going to be my place," Reddy told Rodkin. But it wasn't to be. Reddy married a woman from the 'burbs and was forced to part with his dream home. Now he's trying to sell it. We won't catalog everything that's wrong with this place (untitledreality beat us to it), because most of it is self-evident. Reddy bought the place for $625,000 in 2001, and he's trying to sell it for $2.45 million. We wish him luck.
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4750 S. Drexel Blvd.