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Tiki Too: Another Tiki Bar That'll Make You Choke on Your Mai Tai

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It's a good thing that Trader Vic's returned to Chicago a couple years ago, because in its absence Chicagoans apparently resorted to converting their homes into tiki bars. Yesterday, we took a look at a Noble Square rental with a tiki bar in the basement. In response, Realtor Eric Rojas tipped us off to another tiki-themed basement in his neighborhood (Ravenswood) that puts that place to shame. From the listing: "Lower Level Finsih Into A Getway Tiki Design w/Bar, Partial Bamboo Walls- Real-cool." The dangling monkey is a nice touch, too. Upstairs, the place looks like a time capsule from the mid-'70s, with heavily-patterned beige wallpaper blending into brown carpeting in each room. That Muppet's expression on the TV (slide #4) pretty much sums up our reaction. The 2,000-square-foot single-family just hit the market on Friday, and it's priced at $399,000.
· Listing: 2241 W. Winona St. [Redfin]