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Rooftop Stand

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Here's a novel way to drum up support for a community center: Camp out on a rooftop in winter, and get the New York Times to cover it. Of course, there are compelling, even desperate reasons for why Rev. Corey Brooks has taken to the roof of an abandoned Woodlawn motel: Exasperation with the rate of killings of young men and boys— for whom Rev. Brooks has conducted many funerals; the lack of constructive activities for South Side youth; and, the City's inaction. At Rev. Brook's last funeral, gunfire erupted outside of the church. That was his breaking point. On the roof now for 13 days and counting, Rev. Brooks has pledged to remain until enough money is donated to raze the building beneath him and replace it with a community center. He preaches from the roof and receives visitors, and the one time he was forced to leave was for another funeral. $450,000 is needed for the project, and the nights are only getting colder. [NY Times]