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An 1877 Row House with a Ridiculous Bathroom Asks $525K

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Unlike many of the old row houses of the Near North Side, this 3 bed/2 bath has been recently endowed with a gleaming facade and plenty of spoils. Check out the gorgeous brick and marble master bath, complete with the all-important "rain forest steam" shower. There's also the new chef's kitchen and 2-car garage. The United Center looms large in the neighborhood, with its 45 acres of parking and other unfriendly traits. Single-family development and restoration seeped into these parts over the last decade from the East and North, but wannabe flippers and sincere home owners alike bit the bullet when prices collapsed. So how about the $525,000 ask? This is fairly high compared to what we've seen in the immediate area of late. Does it portend a change? Probably not.
·Listing: 2249 W Warren Blvd. [D'Aprile Realty]