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For the Holidays: A Pair of Kinkade-y Houses, North & South

A little festivity is in order, here at Curbed. We set out today to find some houses that remind us of Thomas Kinkade paintings. You know, the top-selling landscape painter with a penchant for idilic, cutesy home scenes. We snagged a couple. If you've got one, don't be shy, share with us in the comments below. Cheers!

Our brawny find, this Beverly 4-bed has the accoutrements of a contemporary home, but its ageless face is well suited for a rustic mountain setting. It's begging for some masterful painterly adornments. Just picture it... a couple feet of unblemished snow drifting over the yard, clinging to the eaves, with a tidy path carved from sidewalk to door. A wreath would hug the door in the changing light. Nice. Asking 879,000, its price has reduced by $90K since hitting the market in Febraury.
·Listing: 8814 S Hamilton Ave. [Koenig & Strey]

Beyond the blur, this delicately chiseled Norwood Park home would make pretty decent Thomas Kinkade fodder. It's got the requisite winding footpath, the pristine landscaping, lawn ornament, and folksy cottage glow. It also has a generous yard for bundled lads to build snow forts in. Just hit the market at $595,000.
·Listing: 6235 N Newcastle Ave. [Trulia]