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Detroit V. Chicago

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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder wants the Midwest's young job seekers to stop choosing Chicago. Aim higher, he says, aim for Detroit. His personal appeal in this morning's Free Press cast the decision in stark terms: Move to Chicago and become yet another anonymous yuppie, or move to Detroit and make a difference. Hey, just a minute now! That hurts. His point's compelling if you're a fledgling venture capitalist or entrepreneur looking to spark a renaissance, with Detroit's huge stock of cheap vacant properties. For that matter, we Chicagoans have plenty to work with on the South and West Sides. With its high unemployment and underemployment, Detroit is a hard sell to regular working stiffs. Snyder's essential point is that there's a lot of talented folks in Detroit, but they need the economic inputs of a larger region. Detroit, he believes, isn't short on magnetism. [Free Press]