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Good Deed: Restore This 1880s Shell of a Grand Victorian

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Here's a prime good deed opportunity for the season. It takes a lot of gumption to approach a fixer-upper of this scale in a marginal neighborhood. A funny contrast exists on the block. Just turn back to our write-up of the "Lincoln Park home for a quarter of the price" right next door at 4833 S Champlain to see what we mean. The run-down option, formerly a four-bed home, has the capacity for five, with space left over for a large kitchen and living spaces. You've probably guessed by now that these delineations don't yet exist. In fact, the house needs floors, walls, and utility systems. The only thing in place behind the external walls are the stairs. But hey, it does have those crazy glass block windows! On the market for some time now, the ask is $180,000. Let's see... that's no more than one-eighth the cost of a comparable Lincoln Park home.
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