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Famed Schweppe Estate Back on the Market for $12 Million

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Foreclosed exactly a year ago after a turbulent few years on and off the market, the unrivaled Schweppe Estate is back on the market for a cool $12M, reports Crain's. Built in 1915 by John G. Shedd for his daughter Laura and son-in-law Charles Hodgson Schweppe, the 21,000 sf English-style mansion sits on five lakeside acres. It has eight bedrooms, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 baths, but who's counting? The biggest number: 27 rooms in total. The bank's offer is a huge reduction on the 2007 private seller's price of $18M, and people will look for and expect further deals with the bank as seller. Eleanor Dowling, the broker for the nearby Armour Estate which sold for $7.2M in September (the year's biggest), predicts the Schweppe Estate will fetch $10-11M in the end. And an archivist, after touring the home, declared it "very livable": "There are probably little bits of work here and there but basically it's in pretty usable condition." Just think if it was pristine! If it's too scuffed for your liking, fine readers, then by all means Curbed will show it love.
·Listing: 405 N Mayflower Rd. [Coldwell Banker]
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