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Custom Home with the Grandaddy of all Skylights for $985K

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"You want wow? You have WOW" is the lead-in to this drunken masterpiece of a house. Forget skylights. This 3-bed in an old commercial structure has a 20' high glass ceiling the length of a bowling alley. The lofted master suite comes with a jacuzzi and sauna, and the kitchen is restaurant-caliber. The deep structure leaves just the roof for outdoor space, but its a doozy. The old building's shell, which dominates the interior walls, dates to 1889. A lot of vision went into this space. It's not ruined by excessive drywall like so many other conversions. The property last sold in 2002 for $577,000 and now asks $985,000. It's been on the market since September.
·Listing: 2116 N Leavitt St. [Zillow]