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Sold to The Epstein Family for $3.25M: One Stuffy Manse

Chicago's latest adopted sports idol, Theo Epstein, now has a place to rest his head, reports Crain's. Thank heavens! We were starting to worry. Public records show that Epstein locked down the 5 bed/6 bath home early last month for $3.25 million, 8.3% above the asking price. Also in the records, Blackhawk Patrick Sharp had previously entered negotiations on the property for $2.9 million, but the deal fell through. Not amenable to the PriceUpper, eh Patrick? With Epstein in line for a five-year deal valued somewhere near $20M, he can afford to play ball with the market. The home itself is a near 8,000 sf of stately sterility. You're either blinded by white or bored by brick. And to match the excess: A four-car garage. The 'hood has a massing of such high-end formulaic celebrity-bait, just ask Rosie over on nearby Grace Street.
·Listing: 3618 N Greeview Ave. [Jameson Sotheby's via Redfin]
·New Cubs leader pays $3.25M for home near Wrigley [Crain's]