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Listings From That Most Nebulous of 'Hoods: Goose Island

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Hold on, you can't actually live on Goose Island, right? Right. No one has for years. But there is an illusory residential neighborhood by the same name flanking the island to the West. Sometimes referred to as Noble Square, or even River West, it's an area of diverse housing stock with a large number of condos, and a host of geographic challenges. Many streets dead-end here, and Elston Ave, the spine of the area, is a desolate industrial zone that—when on a bike—you find yourself pedaling extra hard to pass through. It has little commercial life of its own, but is walking distance to Wicker Park, Bucktown, and West Town amenities, not to mention the North/Clybourn shit show. Prices are moderated by the Kennedy's noise and the area's relative anonymity. Whatever the realtors call it, here's a few condo listings to ponder:

A short block North of Milwaukee and the Chicago Ave Blue Line, this 1885 brick condo building is still out of sight and mind when people pass along the avenues through day and night. The unit in question is a two-bedroom with exposed brick, ductwork, and timber beams. Recent updates include new hardwood floors, a stone bath, and kitchen appliances. A shared roof deck is fitted with grills. Asking $238,500.
·Listing: 1117 W Fry St. #9 [Prudential Rubloff]

To the West of the Kennedy now, on a really nice block overlooking Pulaski Park, this new contemporary 3-bed condo has three levels, high ceilings, high-end appliances, and balcony and back yard. Only a short distance to the train and Wicker Park action. Asking $419,000.
·Listing: 1308 N Cleaver St. #1 [Prudential Rubloff]

Another 3-bed unit, this is good clean living pinned rather unfortunately in a small triangle between Elston and the METRA tracks. Rather like living on the 'L', we suppose. The listing agent handles the anomalous location deftly, calling it "a metro landscape that defies definition". But we just defined it as crap. Its saving grace is that it's close to the train and the amenities of Chicago & Milwaukee. Built this year and asking $349,000.
·Listing: 1215 W Augusta Ave #2 [North Clybourn Group]