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Innovative Kitchen Faucets for the Space-Age Home Chef

Photos: Trendir

Much like the toilet—whose latest iterations were examined under a microscope last week—the kitchen faucet has remained largely unchanged for years. Luckily for fans of new tech, some designers are still pushing the boundaries on this everyday fixture. The acronym-heavy KWC ONO Touch Light Pro is the product of such boundary pushers, designed in Switzerland to be fully customizable. At the heart of the system is a touch-sensitive toggle for regulating the temperature.

? An elegant update to a classic design, this tubular faucet is secured above the sink by a narrow band of metal, but can be removed at a touch for greater flexibility. Manufactured by the Germans at Kludi, the My Style was conceived by the designers at Esprit, the Chinese-German clothing conglomerate. That popular-in-the-'90s brand is looking to claw its way back to profitability, after losing almost 90% of its value over the past four years.

Photos: Trendir

? Though designed for the bathroom, some of the more substantial faucets in the Ceadesign catalog would be perfect for a sleek kitchen from a minimalist like John Pawson. All have a clean, industrial look in brushed stainless steel and a fine Italian pedigree.

? To keep a little greenery in the kitchen with minimal effort, the Natura faucet by Newform has a tiny, built-in vase tucked next to the faucet. With a little spout to collect the water from the tap, this is the simplest irrigation system one could hope for. In the bathroom, this faucet could hold the toothbrushes too, but wheres the natural beauty in that.

? While markedly less elegant than the Newform model, the Brizo Vuelo kitchen faucet packs in more functionality. There's the built-in vase, plus a soap dispenser and, crucially for the kitchen, a spray function.

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