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2011 Curbed Cup: Name Chicago's Best Neighborhood!!

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After another 12 months of block-by-block evolution, what 'hoods will contend for the 2011 Curbed Cup's Best Neighborhood Title? Last year, Uptown was the winner, besting South Loop in the final round. Will Uptown repeat? Will an unheralded newcomer storm the scene? We put it to you, faithful readers, to drop a neighborhood nomination in the comments below this post, or via email. Please take the time to explain your choice, and do your best to ground it in observed changes, i.e. real estate developments, retail, restaurants, property values, cleanliness, safety, public space, and on and on... Maybe you sense a new energy or optimism, or your 'hood is brimming with go-getters. These are perfectly valid reasons to nominate too. Let's give 2011 the sendoff it deserves! The fun kicks off next week, when we'll present you with the first round of head-to-head matchups. The tournament bracket will feature eight (8) neighborhoods, and we need your help in figuring which 'hoods merit consideration. Don't delay!