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Wonky Lincoln Park Home w/ Coach PriceChopped by $500K

Still struggling to categorize the decor of this 5 bed/4.5 bath expanded Lincoln Park home? We took a shot back in the Spring when the images first brightened the world, calling it a Jumanji-themed dollhouse. Let's try on another: peppermint bliss, as in the name of the owner's blog (and philosophy). Whatever your descriptive tendencies, we're returning to this property to announce a massive pricechop of 20%, or $500K. What, is the decor too scary for you? That's easy enough to mess with— paint is cheap, and safari animals are migratory. You won't need to mess with the fundamentals: arched doorways; 8" plank flooring; elevator; rooftop terrace; and a pristine coach house. First listing in April for $2.5M, it can now be had for an even $2M.
·Listing: 2107 N Clifton Ave [Koenig & Strey]
·A Recently Rebuilt Lincoln Park + Coach House for $2.5M [Curbed]