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Cities are more "human"

We've got a big booster for city living in Harvard economist Edward Glaeser. He spoke with The European recently about some of the stark realities of living in a dirty world of 7+ billion people. Such population is already driving the haphazard urbanization of many countries but, assuming the world starts to kick its dirty fuel habits, this may be fundamentally good for our climate and energy future. At least it's not as bad as fanning out across fertile land to degrade what's left of it. While living close to each other can mean feeling the effects of pollution more acutely, it also means using far less energy per capita by making such casual urban lifestyle decisions as walking more, driving less, and sharing space in everything from restaurants to parks. Glaeser also broaches broader issues of happiness and human innovation that he bundles into his argument that cities are more "human". We'll let Glaeser expand on that. [The European]