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Curbed Cup Finals: Uptown (5) v. West Lakeview (6)

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Those slick Uptown folks have done it once again, rallying loyalists far and wide to trigger more than one landslide victory. It's tempting to cast aspersions on such tactics, but there's really nothing that can be said against legit aggressive campaigning. We all know the power of a grassroots effort. But hold your horses! It's not over yet. Edging out early favorite Lincoln Square with 53% of the vote, West Lakeview is still in the mix. If money mattered in this contest, we know who'd win. Remember, we want to know who had the biggest year, not who's got the best bars or train service. Now, you two are pretty proximate to one another, so no throwing stones. Voting will stretch into Sunday. The Curbed Cup 2011 Finals begin now!

Editor's Note: We chose to recognize "West Lakeview" due to repeat nominations from the readership. It's clear that some have taken issue, and that's fine. We acknowledge it's unwieldy identity, and would think twice before including it in future Curbed Cups. The fact remains, however, that it's survived the earlier rounds, where it could have been promptly and unceremoniously dismissed. Play on and Happy New Year to all!

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