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Community-Supported Brewery Ratchets Up Ravenswood Plans

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Spawned from years of home-brewing and planning, Argyle Brewing Co. is getting set to open a brewing facility at 1800 W Cuyler, a block from the Irving Park Brown Line. Fashioned as a CS B, the microbrewery will mainly supply members via monthly subscriptions. But Curbed heard today from a tipster that owners Kevin Cary, Matt Ritchey, and Brendan Blume also want a zoning variance to allow for a "bottle shop" retail component. This would make their beer available to the public during set hours, much like Half-Acre's Lincoln Square set-up.

Downstairs from the Chicago Mosaic School, Argyle intends on inviting more artists to share its space. It also promises to trumpet the virtues of CSA membership and local agriculture. According to a Q & A available on Alderman Ameya Pawar's website (listed under 1800 W Cuyler), deliveries would only be mid-day during operating hours, and the primary impact on nearby residents will be the brewery's intoxicating smell. It's incumbent on the brewers, of course, to demonstrate that a toasty malt aroma will be the only encumbrance. The brewery plans on opening its 4,400 sf facility this coming Spring.
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