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"Affordable" Lincoln Park Home Gets Even More So

Don't rush the stage! This "priced to sell" newish Lincoln Park 4-bed was declared by its agent as "one of the most affordable single family homes in East Lincoln Park" even before a few tangos with The PriceChopper. One note on location: it's not especially East, more central. A recent rehab brought the kitchen up to snuff and introduced the odd "custom window treatments" you see in nearly every pic. The diced-up windows aren't translucent glass blocks even though the house is of the 80s, they're mainly just fragmented to the point of obscuring clear views. The house has a finished basement, bowed-out window sill seating, and nice hardwood floors, apart from that dinged-up bit on the upper level. We're speculating the "perfect yard" attained perfection through balance and restraint, since it isn't very large. It is nicely paired with the deck. Listed in May for $1.249M then de-listed and re-listed in August, a number of cuts have brought the ask down to $899K.
·Listing: 908 W Wrightwood Ave. [Koenig & Strey]