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Preservation Watch

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Try hard though they may, preservationists don't always come away with a victory. That's the sad revelation in this morning's Sun-Times that Shepherd's Temple in Lawndale will meet the wrecking ball. The 98-year-old structure was built as a synagogue and is currently owned by Abundant Life World Outreach, a Christian ministry. "Regrettably, because the building continued to deteriorate, and the owners were unable to keep it secure or make any temporary structural repairs to abate the dangerous and hazardous conditions, we really had no choice but to seek demolition," said the city's Law Department. The owners had worked for the past four years to secure financing for a full restoration, but their bank deal fell through. After multiple failed inspections and break-ins, the temple was declared "in imminent danger of collapse". The temple made the "Chicago Seven", Preservation Chicago's annual list of the most endangered buildings and historic places. [Sun-Times, Preservation Chicago]