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Streeterville Duplex Penthouse Sells for One-Third its '07 Ask

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There's very little to explain such a precipitous fall, other than drastic overpricing from the get-go. No small part of this 3-bed duplex condo's value lies in its marble foyer and staircase (w/ bronze railings). And the wine room and wet bar are happy facts. It's also got two wood-burning fireplaces, you've just gotta get the wood to Streeterville. While high in the sky, there don't appear to be any outdoor spaces, but the 5,500 sf of interiors help make up for that. Plus, the lucky buyer will receive "the most amazing lake and city views possible". On and off the market for exactly four years, scarcely a month passed without another price cut, bringing the sale price down to $1.345M from a high of $3.8M.
·Listing: 100 E Huron St. #4803 [Zillow]