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1870s Brick Rowhouse Sandwiched b/w Institutions for $290K

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Through some sneaky figuring, this home is supposed to be on the edge of the West Loop. It's actually firmly in Little Italy/University Village, at the edge of the Illinois Medical District. We're not knocking it, just grounding it. As a matter of fact, it's on quite a handsome block with a concentration of 19th century homes, just North of a resurgent Taylor Street. The area is notoriously fragmented, the formidable barriers of the Medical Center and UIC campus creating pockets of old residential neighborhood. This 3-bed rowhouse definitely belongs to one of the nicer pockets. A fine looking specimen, it's vacant and in a far-along stage of rehab. Its basic assets include a fireplace and hardwoods. When you thumb through the pics, you'll notice it's got a few things missing— a toilet here, a fridge there, a proper back door. Hopefully, they'll arrive before you do. New to market, it wants $289,900.
·Listing: 1430 W Polk St. [Great Street Properties]