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Take this Sketch and Add Four Stories

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As the world turns, so do tastes for development at Ashland & Division. Developer Rob Buono's residential mid-rise plan for the former Pizza Hut site at the Polish Triangle evolved from seven to 11 stories at Monday's meeting of the East Village Association. No serious energy has been expended on detailed renderings, and we get the sense that October's crude gray drawing is still the working model. Tacking on four stories plus rooftop mechanicals will bring the height of the 110+ unit apartment building to around 140 ft. That's 60 ft taller than the CVS building, but density certainly makes sense for the site. "We feel this site in a way is addressing the Triangle in a more direct way," ventured Buono. "We want something iconic." EVA directors want more windows and warmer colors. New designs should emerge soon. [EVA, previously]