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Get Down to the Business of Tennis at this L.P. Duplex

Everyone knows the condo building with the Red/Brown Line-adjacent tennis courts, right? Those seldom-used courts that North-bound trains snuggle up to? Well, one of the building's larger duplex condos is up for rent. Unit 416, a 1,400 square foot 2-bed offering is available immediately for $2,400/mo. The unit was last listed for sale in '08 for $380,000. The apartment's design and layout, though pleasant and functional are not worth celebrating. But it does offer a pair of large balconies, and the chance to flaunt your tennis skills before half the city. Rental opportunities (let alone sales) at this address are few and far between so, tennis lovers, better make your move.
·Listing: 2532 N lincoln Ave. #416 [Zillow]