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Photographer To Transform South Side Blight With Public Art

These days, everyone and their little sister has a Kickstarter campaign. If you know enough creative types, it's tough to log onto Facebook without an old friend trying to hit you up for cash to fund an new project. Well, here's one that might actually be worth shelling out for. Brooklyn-based photographer Emily Schiffer came to Chicago last summer to explore food scarcity issues in the city. While shooting on the South Side, she met Orrin Williams, founder of the Center for Urban Transformation, and came up with an idea for another project that involves using "large-scale photographic installations and urban redevelopment as strategies for pre-visualizing a transformed landscape." With the help of Williams and other community leaders, Schiffer plans to locate unoccupied buildings and transform them into indoor growing spaces and grocery stores. Then, Schiffer will install large photographs on the front of blighted buildings.

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