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On the Block: A Half-Mil off the Price of this Epic Greystone

Five months was the breaking point for this owner. Five months without touching the ask on this 7,500 sf Gold Coast Greystone. But early last month, they contracted the pricechopper to do the deed, knocking off $475K. Built in 1888, the 5-bed/6-bath house showcases some bizarre tastes. As you see above, the dining room has cool atrium windows and high ceilings, but there's a medley of colored rocks stuck to the wall and a shaggy curtain that resembles painters tarp. Upstairs, one of the hangout spaces has color test-patterned carpeting. Fortunately, there's no deal breaker. Features like the full-floor master suite, stainless steel fireplace, elevator, 6 baths, 3-car garage, and multiple outdoor spaces more than make up for the erratic decor. The ask is an even $3M. Listing agent Jennifer Ames wrote a book on this one, so pay her a visit.
·1434 N Dearborn St. [Coldwell Banker]