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The Patio ate my Yard! (or, Grass is Overrated)

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One way to get people to use their front yards: Sacrifice it to patio. That's what these folks did way down in Mt. Greenwood/West Morgan Park. And even though the house predates the patio, it appears as if the patio's eating away at indoor space given its equivalent girth. But who are we to question priorities? 1,000 sf is more than enough for some.

The listing fibs a little. Yes, it's opposite a country club, but it'd have to be a lot taller to actually overlook it, given the railroad berm and stand of mature trees obscuring view. New to market, this ambitious little 3-bed bungalow is asking $209,900. Check the listing and brace yourself for a sublime jazzy welcome.
·Listing: 10528 S Sacramento Ave. [Re/Max]