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Spirited Bronzeville Greystone Hits the Market for $275K

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Bronzeville is catching some scrutiny today from our readers, thanks to its Curbed Cup face-off against Hyde Park. In its honor (and to help rally a serious underdog) we dug up a new listing for one of those ubiquitous Greystones that may one day not be so cheap. This 3/3 prospect dates to 1885. As if 2,600 sf weren't enough, the sellers installed mirror walls wrapping one end of the living room. Makes for a lot of refracted light. But we can get down with the loungy basement with a bar and fireplace. The kitchen is quite large, as are the bedrooms. Its $275,000 ask is $33K below the '03 sale price, so the block, just east of MLK Drive and near 46th Street, may not be doing so hot. Other nearby sales figures support our hunch.
·Listing: 4543 S Vincennes Ave. [Zillow]