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Lists: Chicago nearly medals in Global Economic Ranking

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Time for some feel-good "news", and it comes courtesy of The Atlantic Cities' recent ranking of the world's 25 most economically powerful cities. Many will dispute the assertion that Chicagoland is the world's 4th most economically powerful urban region, but that's what Richard Florida's Global Economic Power Index is telling us. The index has three main dimensions: Economic, financial, and innovative. Economic Power is measured as gross regional product; Financial Power focuses on banking; and Innovative Power is based on patenting. Otherwise, the metric's finer points are lost on us. Chicago ranked behind only Tokyo, New York, and London, and bested places like Paris, Hong Kong, L.A., and Beijing. Not too shabby. Clearly, this is part of the ongoing push to recognize cities as the more meaningful economic engines in a global economy, and some would say it's about consolidating corporate power over the interests of nation-states. Curbed stays out of it. [The Atlantic Cities]