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Zombie Properties: An Undead 1888 Victorian for $550K

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OK, so we were only going to boost Bronzeville today, but then this little historic Hyde Park treat waltzed into our lives. Previously a pair of rowhouses, a total renovation merged the two halves into one 6-bed house a shade under 4,000 sf. It's a historic landmark (not for everyone), but you wouldn't tell being inside the crackling, crisp new spaces. That being said, there's not much of an interior homage to the vintage (eww, carpeting), even though its 19th century Victorian credentials are abundant from the street. Your eyes do not deceive, that is a two-sided fireplace. Marble too. The landmark status does come with a perk: eight years of frozen property taxes. Asking $550,000, the seller bought it for just $140,500 four months ago, and then went to town. Definitely a nice addition to any block.
·Listing: 5137 S Harper Ave. [Click Realty]