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Overstated Luxury: $1.7M Chopped off this Mansion's Ask

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No one's disputing the caliber of this Highland Park mansion. It is unequivocally enormous, a 13,430 sf playpen on over an acre of lakefront territory. But it went for a little too much when it first listed in September of last year for $9.9 million. It held fast to that ask for over a year, finally meeting the PriceChopper last month. There are some truly singular aspects to this property, foremost among them the 1,200 sf lakeside beach house. It's the only one in Highland Park and, as sales associate Vikki Wolin tells Curbed, will be the only one for the foreseeable future, thanks to a town ordinance prohibiting any new ones. It's not just a ratty home for boats and fishing gear, either. It boasts a large entertainment space, kitchen, bathroom, and wrap-around deck. The property line encompasses over 200' of beach.

According to records, the mansion has never sold before. The 19-room home was built in 1999 by architect Mark DiGanci (Wolin declined to say who it was built for), and definitely has things to sell you on, like the high ceilings, stone and wood floors, and 55' x 21' master suite. The 12-person movie theater with super-plush custom seats (with cup holders!) is a plus. Cut by a whopping $1.7M, and currently asking $8.199M, you're still dealing with the land of absurdly big money.
·Listing: 22 Lakewood Place [Coldwell Banker]