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Price Falling on Landmark Queen Anne in Wooded Enclave

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Almost a reluctant Queen Anne, this jumbo Forest Glen 4-bed eschews the ornament of the more regal of her class. There's no Victorian wallpaper or spindle-work, and precious little art glass. But it does still have the savage good looks of a well-maintained 19th century landmark. Let's start by describing its anomalous setting: It's part of a small wooded enclave of homes, pressed against Edgebrook Woods and a golf course, part of the Cook County Forest Preserve's vast interconnected acreage. There are other spots where homes intrude upon the preserve, but not as bluntly as this. The house itself has distinctive Victorian wood trim, hardwood floors, fireplaces, an oak foyer, and a turreted master bedroom. The attic is carved up by the swooping, angular roof, but is immensely livable. There are two enclosed porches, a finished basement, a huge yard, and an ornate garage. All this and the ask keeps falling. It's down more than 27% since its March 2010 listing, now standing at $749,900.
·Listing: 6239 N Lundy Ave. [Baird & Warner]