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Emil Bach House to be Polished Up and Opened to Public

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[Photo by flickr user Steve Silverman/Creative Commons]

The Tribune's Melissa Harris has it that James Pritzker, man with the military library and heir to the Pritzker family fortune, is turning his preservationist attentions to Frank Lloyd Wright's Emil Bach house in Rogers Park. Beginning in Spring, he will restore the exterior and open the house to overnight guests and events (though the house looks alright to us).

A bit o' background for those who want it: The Bach house was built in 1915 for Emil Bach, owner of a brick company. Its compact Prairie design was engineered for a tight urban lot, and represents one of Wright's last small city houses. It was declared both a city and national landmark in the 70s. In October of last year, Pritzker bought the house from Jane Elizabeth Feerer for $1.7 million. Feerer had paid just $1.17 million at auction in '05. An aside: At one point, Feerer worked for investment firm Tawani Enterprises, for which Pritzker served as President and CEO. The home has been listed as high as $2.5 million (in '03), though it didn't sell on the open market that time around. The Bach house is a stunning example of FLW's late Prairie style, and will join just a few other Wright homes open to the public. Toga party!
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