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Harbor Point v. Hancock: Who's Got the Edge in Indoor Pools?

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Voting is CLOSED, and we are declaring Mr. John Hancock the winner, edging out Harbor Point by just 10 or so votes. Thanks for suggesting other contenders. They will be considered for future bouts. Have a great weekend!

In the ring this afternoon, the iconic Hancock Tower rumbles with a less celebrated but highly visible cousin from its era, the Harbor Point Tower. We're asking, which has the superior pool? Let's lay down some facts, shall we? The Hancock Tower, finished in 1970, was briefly the tallest building in the world outside of New York. The 100-story modernist skyscraper, designed by SOM, is a clear precursor to the Willis Tower, built by SOM just a few years later. It was also the world's very first mixed-use skyscraper. Among its 700 condos are dozens for sale at any given point, ranging from under $200K for studios around the 50th floor to $1.3M+ for 3-beds in the 80s and 90s. The 44th floor pool(above, right) stands as the country's highest, rendered of concrete, steel, and tile, with double-high ceilings. Not bad.

The Harbor Point Tower at Randolph & LSD was designed by fellow Chicago firm Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz and completed in 1975. It shares with Hancock a modernist black steel & glass aesthetic, and echoes Lake Point Tower just up the shore. The 54-story building has units for sale from $150,000 to the high six-figures and for rent from $1,500 for a one-bed to roughly $4,000 for a high-floor three-bed. The pool (above, left) is one of the city's largest and deepest. A huge domed skylight draws in the sun, and the broad deck wraps around with skyline views. Nice. Let the showdown begin! Register your vote below!
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