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Just Under $4,000/mo for this Relic of 90s Design

Even though local rents generally stack up unfavorably against mortgages these days, life stage and individual circumstances dictate whether to rent or buy. Even when it comes to larger, more expensive properties. Take, for example, this pricey but well-appointed single-fam rental on the border of Hamlin Park/Roscoe Village. The newish 4-bed is just outside the Landmark Village gated community, and hence freed from its illogical street layout and numbering system. Gotta love the 90s! From what we've heard, it's not really that gated anyway. The house has a tidy but sterile curb appeal, but inside, the spaces are all tip-top. The kitchen has new stainless appliances, and no less than three fireplaces are dispersed throughout, including one in the master bedroom with its cathedral ceilings. There's a dainty deck and a highly-private patio, and a loungy basement. The ask? $3,950/mo.
·Listing: 2859 N Wolcott Ave. [Baird & Warner]