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Trending: A Peak at Three North Side Spec Homes

With the recent fanfare around the resurgent spec builder, we thought a glimpse at some of their handiwork was called for. Here now, a handful of new high-end single-family construction:

This here newly finished house has first-class spoils like a wet bar, chef's kitchen, multiple decks, and a patio with a fireplace. A small multi-unit 1890s structure preceded this construction, so urban density loses ground to big money. The ask? $1.35M.
·Listing: 1312 W Barry St. [Koenig & Strey]

Not very photogenic at the moment, this 4,000 sf 5-bed is nearing completion in Roscoe Village, one of the hot spots of single-family infill. It's a straight-forward design and representative of many others of similar price and dimension. Asking $1.289M.
·Listing: 3320 N Seeley Ave. [Menard Johnson]

Built by Hewitt-Horn in 2009, this 5 bed/6 bath Lincoln park number made our occasional "languishing on the market series" in September. It continues to languish in the high 2's. That's a risky price bracket, built at a risky time. Pricey though it is, the ask has steadily whittled down from just under $4M in its pre-construction days to $2.799M. How far will it go? In essence, this is the poster child for a lost bet.
·Listing: 2214 N Magnolia Ave. [Postlets]