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Let Wantful Do Your Holiday Shopping

It’s the time of year when you contemplate the $100 in your pocket and how you’re going to spend it on your dear mother without resorting to the same gift card to the same restaurant. Mom loves jewelry, wears a scarf 10 months out of the year, knows how to make a great casserole, but could use some updated kitchenwares. How do you thoughtfully please her without leaving your couch?

Wantful is here to help. The revolutionary gift-giving service lets you pick from a set of specific descriptors, ranging from her dream home to how messy her closet is, and based on your responses and the price point you choose (anywhere from $30 to $500), provides a personalized collection of high-quality gifts from artisan, hard-to-find brands. Wantful then serves up a beautiful catalog of the 16 gifts that best match your mom, which you then gift to her digitally or in printed form, stunningly wrapped in rice paper. She shops your personalized catalog and her chosen gift is shipped directly to her.

Give it a shot and give your mom something she really wants this year. >>