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Short Sale: R. Kelly's Custom Mansion with Lagoon-Like Pool

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We've seen a R. Kelly home on the market before, and in keeping with the singer's high hedonistic standards, his custom-built Olympia Fields mansion has the fixings to match the MTV-perpetuated R & B lifestyle. The pictures are not terribly revealing, but thankfully R. Kelly showed up to dance and sing. It's a sorrowful song he sings, having just put the mansion up for short sale at far less than its potential, suggesting he owes more on the property than it's worth. The $2.9M summertime foreclosure suit brought against him for allegedly avoiding payments could have something to do with it. As one would hope, the photography favors the outlandish, the most distinctive amenity being the indoor tropical lagoon-themed pool. Also on the 6-acre grounds— an artificial pond, and tennis and basketball courts. What little we can glean from the indoor shots suggests a taste for hokey mountain lodges. But alas, you need some kind of concept to tie together 22,000 sf of house. According to multiple sources, R. Kelly hasn't lived in the home for over a year. And don't fret, the piss-tape allegations involved only his former Lakeview home. Bob Goldsborough's Elite Street column dishes more of the backstory. Asking $1,595,000, this oughta go really quick.
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