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A Public Appetite for Green Homes

For what it's worth, Americans are feeling better about their chances of landing a dream home, says a new Yahoo Real Estate survey. But they would like it to be energy efficient. It's not yet people's main reason for moving, but of 1,500 owners and renters polled, exactly half list efficient green design as their biggest dream home priority, beating out things like beachfront or wooded location. In a not-so-surprising contradiction, green doesn't mean small to many— they still generally want to up-size their present digs. On the losing end, McMansions and gated communities have fallen from grace. A number of recent studies have reached similar conclusions, but the reality is that much of the nation's existing vacant stock is of the undesirable type. So, what should we do about that? Only 13% of respondents view their current home in a dreamy light. Don't expect that to change much.
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