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Three Modest Houses with Private Saunas

Happily, our region is graced by Scandinavian custom and design, exemplified by the home sauna. This 3 bed/3 bath Lincoln Park townhouse has one of these traditional cedar saunas as part of its finished basement. Just outside the sauna is the home theater, not that the seller will leave you the equipment, but at least it plants a seed. The house feels a little skinny, but is otherwise unimpeachable. On the market since August, the ask is $475K.
·Listing: 2743 N Wolcott Ave. #4 [Trulia]

Listing: 4331 N Hamlin Ave. [Trulia]
The Skinny: A restored Irving Park Victorian, the large 4-bed has other draws we could've zeroed in on, like the pool or bridal staircase. But today saunas are our sole fixation. And this one is rather funny, sprouting off of the master bath like a fungus. A healthy, desirable fungus. Looks like a fine place to hide out in winter. Asking $389K.

Listing: 6111 N Artesian Ave. [Trulia]
The Skinny: This sauna we can't quite make out, but ostensibly it's right here in the basement, probably around the corner. The sauna belongs to a handsome 3-bed bungalow in West Rogers Park, which the listing claims as "wonderfully sunny" and "ready for duplexing" if so inclined. Asking $425K.