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Boastful Member of "The Villa" gets PriceChopped by 18%

Set in the heart of "The Villa", a triangular quarantine of extra nice Irving Park homes, this jumbo 5-bed Prairie house comes with a lot of yard. At 105' wide and 120' deep, it looks to be a double lot but in these parts may just have been laid out that way. The listing goes on and on about the unique exclusivity of "The Villa" without talking much about the item for sale. Aside from the obvious perks of location, the sprawling yard and outdoor pool, the house itself is no slouch. It's plenty large and ornamental, but not outrageously so— unlike much new construction in the million-dollar range. Unfortunately, it's got some head-shaking decor, like pink and orange rooms with clashing furniture. On the market for just three months, the price has already reduced from $1.275M to $1.05M. Might be time to rethink its presentation. Just sayin'...
·3625 N Springfield Ave. [Conlon]