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Wood Beams & Fireplaces: For $275K, You Could do Worse

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If you spend close to the amount of time Curbed does exploring MLS land, then you know it's that time of year where more and more familiar faces get recycled as new. We've seen many examples of properties on the market for months being given a new lease on life by resetting their active MLS time stamp. You can't trust your eyes. Happens all through the year but, given the scant number of genuinely new listings in the lead-up to Christmas, it's a rampant practice at the moment. There's a bit more reliability among modest listings because that's mostly what's hitting the market right now. But there's a lot of non-starters in that group.

We went South to find an attractive candidate for our Under $300K Club and came up with this comfy Prairie in Beverly. The Prairie characteristics are subtle from the outside, but grow more obvious within. The wood beamed ceilings work to elongate the living spaces. The clustered windows and front and back sun rooms make a similar contribution. The four bedrooms are of decent size, and the only diminutive room may be the kitchen. There's also a pair of wood-burning fireplaces and a respectable yard. However, the unflattering autumn pics of the "award winning garden" show off only leaves, dirt, and husks. The ask? $275,000.
·Listing: 9606 S Vanderpoel Ave. [Prudential Biros]