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42-Story Lake & Wabash Tower Rendered Anew

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Skyscraper Page is abuzz with aesthetic commentary on a new rendering for the Lake & Wabash apartment project. In the pipeline for a year or so, and spearheaded by RMK Management Corp (now named M & R Development), an amendment to the 332-unit building was added to this week's agenda of the Chicago Plan Commission. Local sleuth Spyguy unveiled the above, right rendering attached to the latest development modification. The new plan calls for 11 more units than the old, along with 183 parking spaces and an adjacent 8-story commercial building. The rendering puts forth a no-nonsense, 'let's get this thing built' kind of design. There's nothing new under the sun, but it could at least have retained some of its old playfulness. More to come as the story unfolds.
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